Grad Blues

Are you smart, driven, and ready to start your career?

Join the club. The current job market is saturated with people who can’t afford to retire so you’re going to have to wait your turn. Or… You can strike out and free-lance, but then you are stuck with an unreliable paycheck. That is if you can find work in the first place. Enjoy Craigslist.

So what do you do now? You have that well-earned bachelor’s degree hanging on your wall (or in a drawer), but a degree just isn’t enough. Most of you should have some experience from internships, but a semester of getting coffee for a communications director isn’t quite what employers are looking for in a new hire. Nonetheless, it looks better than no experience. I am sure some of you out there have put down sales experience for your serving job at your local restaurant (smart move), but even you aren’t having luck.

Trust me, I know the struggle. I have a marketing degree and with three different internships ranging from 3 months to a year. I have been to 9 interviews, had four phone interviews, and even tried to work for free (another internship will help right?). However, I have had zero luck. I just heard back from an ad agency in Knoxville that looks promising. Hopefully, I will get an interview and wow them with my personality and experience. At this point though, I am considering Grad School. I really just need to take productive steps forward and job hunting on my grandparent’s couch is slowly draining away my spirit. I am sure some of you can understand that, probably all of you.

It’s not all bad though. I have spent a lot of time catching up with my family. I traveled to Indiana to visit my dad and I went to Florida to see my mom, Family is important to me so having the time to do that was great! I also spent a lot of time writing, which I have never really had time for with college and part-time jobs to pay for college. I am starting this blog as a way to utilize my creativity. Plus, I have been hiking like crazy and taking beautiful photos ( if I may say so).

So, if you are job hunting with no luck take this time to pursue your passions! Read. Write. Paint. Cook. Run. Travel. Whatever you passions are explore them. Explore yourself and find out who you are outside of the obligations that you have always had. You may find out something new and that could lead to a new career path that you never envisioned for yourself.

Push through these tough times and continue to educate yourself!


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