What is your brand’s history?

Did it come out of nowhere? Did a new intern just happen to mumble something while bringing you your morning coffee? Or did you put real thought, creativity and passion in to your brand?

Your brand is your story. When a person wants the new, hot toy is it because he was born with the desire to own it? Or did you convey such passion in your brand that they wanted to be a part of the story? I don’t remember opening my eyes for the first time and having the innate desire for a smartphone. My first word was not a post on a social media site.

The everyday consumer is assailed by the messages of thousands upon thousands of companies every year. They see a different product every day and that product has a brand, a story. However, as we all know, not all stories are well-told.

A new TV series has started but three episodes in they find that no one is watching so the show is pulled. It had just started, but it had no traction because the beginning was… disappointing. Plus, there are so many other great TV series on why pick this new one to watch? The same lesson can be said about your brand’s story.

Why pick this shining thing over that shining thing?

Why should I keep this shining thing when a new one is out there?

Because one of them makes you feel something. You have to ignite that feeling in your consumers. Whether it is happiness, pride or edification, an emotion route leads to success. I will not want a new thing because it is new. I will want it because I felt when I heard your brand’s story.

Which message do you believe is more successful?

“Hello consumer. This new phone can do new things. It is better than other phones. Here is why: It can do multiple things at once, it has great speakers and you can add it to your family plan.”


“Insert young man*

Hello mom. Yes I am doing okay. I love college, but I am running out of money is there any way you can stop by the bank in the next few days to transfer some money?

*Mother goes to app and transfers money before her son finishes and says “Yes dear I think I can find the time.”

*mother smiles”

You can apply logic and reason to your brand. It has successful results. However, the limbic brain houses our emotions and a message will be more successful if they convey a lifestyle instead of a life choice.


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